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the nest x los angeles
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Our mission is to provide safe, inclusive and accessible events, workshops and productions within the world of theater production, performance and arts education for all, regardless of ability, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, gender, and orientation. 

The Nest is a female founded and operated theatrical production company. Nests are in every community, built where they are needed and function as a space to grow, learn and fly. 

Focusing on aspiring and established performance artists of all abilities, we provide educational workshops and resume building opportunities. Through outreach programs focused on challenged communities; elderly and to homes for individuals with multiple-disabilities and blindness. We believe in inclusive and accessible Theatre for all.

need a Nest in your community? Reach Out!

our on-going initiatives 

The PLayReaders - community performance art workshop and theater education initiative held monthly in West Hollywood

That Theater Kid Workout - community health and wellness initiative lead by NASM certified trainer Lindsey Gentile-Wilder held monthly in Beverly Hills

Motion Picture Television Fund - performance art workshop with the founders of our industry and residents at MPTF

Therapeutic Living Center for the blind and disabled-  performance art workshop with the residents and clients at TLC

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