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building the nest

our mission

The Nest is a female founded + operated  501c(3)non-profit theatrical production company and artist resource center based in Los Angeles. Nests are in every community. They are built where they are needed, they function as a safe space to grow, learn and fly.  If our community needs us, we will build. We serve aspiring, emerging and established artists, our community members and donors through our safe, inclusive and inspiring organization providing educational outreach, accessible events, workshops, productions and resume building opportunities within the world of theater production and performance.


education, outreach, resources + more

We believe that Introductory and ongoing Arts education are imperative for growth, development and mental health at any age. The Nest hosts specialty events at elder care facilities as well as care facilities for the blind and disabled communities across Los Angeles. We are passionate about introducing, developing and re-inspiring performing arts in everyone's lives.  


people impact art.

art impacts people.

Art has the potential to bring people together - regardless of age, race, gender identity, religion, socioeconomic status or ability. The impact art can have in ones life is immeasurable. The sad truth is that art, especially Theater,  is not as accessible to everyone as communities need it to be.  We look forward to be a part of the forward motion of  Theater into the world of inclusivity and accessibility for all. Explore the volunteer opportunities we have available HERE


nurture, challenge + support.

Theater is about community. It is about team work and relationships.  It is about collaboration and stories, and vulnerability. It is about the familiarity in the unknown, and the unknown parts of familiarity. It invites us to laugh, cry, hold our breath in silence, and explode in applause. Theater can be created and should be supported on every scale. To ensure the success of The Nest's mission, we need our community to nurture us, challenge us and support us. As a company with incredibly humble beginnings, our team knows how to efficiently create impactful art, now,  as a 501(c)3 non-profit company, your tax deductible donations will grant us the opportunity to grow and take our impact further. 


female founded • female operated

Headshots of the board members of The Nest: Amanda Bird, Lynne Mannino, Lindsey Gentile, Chelsea Kowoka, Alex Fream, Michaela Kahan
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